3M 5590H

March 7th, 2013

3M™ Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H

This material is truly great.

  • It is Halogen Free and does not produce harmful outgassing.
  • It has been developed for 21st Century Technology in particular for miniature electronic devices and equipment.
  • As evident by the ever changing technology creating smaller and smaller electronic devices, the demand for reliable and clean (green Technology) thermally conductive interface pad has increased.
  • Therefore, 3M™ thermal engineers introduced 5590H to meet these demands.
  • It is soft and conformable to the shape of any electronic device, and because it comes in 3 different thicknesses it could very easily be stacked to act as a fill in gap pad.
  • The most valuable property of the 3M™ 5590H is its effectiveness to conduct the heat by only touching the intended substrate.
  • While other pads need to be compressed to be effective, 3M™ 5590H only needs to be touched to transfer the heat.
  • It also can be die cut to any shape and size that is demanded and could easily be stacked and assembled in various configuration
  • It meets highly critical customers’ thermal solutions expectations.


In conclusion there is nothing like 3M™ 5590H in the market, and if you require any further information please contact Rathbun associates at 510-661-0950 or email us at sales@rathbun.com



May 6th, 2011

Are you creating too much heat in a bed?


This solution will allow you to transfer heat from hot surfaces or devices to a cooler surface region of assembled devices.

The material  pads are very conforming and they can be die cut to spec to meet your need. Range of Thermal performance to 100 degrees celsius.


October 21st, 2010

At Rathbun on a daily basis we are faced with a wide variety of challenging vibration issues our customers present to us. We then carefully review them, and then offer our solutions.

We have recommended and suggested the E.A.R. ISOLOSS and ISODAMP materials to solve these challenging problems, and have been able to solve a great number of problems in different kind of industries such as Medical, Bio-tech, Solar, Electronics and Semiconductor.

These solutions include the injected molded parts such as grommets, bushings, sandwich mounts and fan mounts or die cut parts made out to perform as gaskets and hence reduce and damp the vibration problems.